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Ficstitches Yarns Kit Club is a quarterly kit club specially designed for crocheters that combines your two favorite hobbies, Crocheting and Reading! So much more than a yarn club, each element of these kits is a mysterious delight…

Have you ever dreamt of traveling to a time long past? Of sitting before the hearth fire listening to stories while you crochet from the homespun yarn in the basket at your feet? Beyond your door, the night spreads across the farmyard into the gloomy forest where tree boughs shiver in the wind and creatures of old lurk. Your cabin is safe and warm, but outside, unknown dangers and unimagined adventures await.

If you are daring, you can set aside your hook, pull on your shawl, and open the door to explore this strange new land.

Join the Adventure . . .

Journey with the Ficstitches Yarns Crochet Kit Club on an adventure back to those days of old. Each kit offers a fictional story and crochet pattern along with hand-dyed yarn and a handmade accessory, all bound together in a theme of romance, history, and a touch of the supernatural.

What Can You Expect In a Ficstitches Yarns Kit ?

Each Quarterly Crochet Kit ($65.00+Shipping) Will Include:

  • Choose St. Bart’s or Urchin

    Accessory Pattern from crochet designer Laurinda Reddig of ReCrochetions. Instructions are clearly written, tech edited, and include stitch diagrams or tutorials for any more advanced techniques (for left or right handers).

  • Original Fictional Story from author C. Jane Reid – Part Two of a new 2-part Novel, tying it all together (add Part One if you missed the last kit).
  • Handmade Gift and/or Tool to use with the kit project.
  • Hand-Dyed Yarn from various indie dyers, exploring different yarn weights and luxury fibers with one or two skeins in each kit.
  • Muslin Project Bag, hand-stamped and filled with all these kit goodies.
  • An Invitation to join the Ficstitches Yarns Secret Society, an exclusive online group for Kit Club Book Discussions, Crochet-Alongs and more.

 Are You Ready to Join The Adventure?

Come Back in July to PreOrder the Next Kit!

The 2017 Schedule:

  • For the convenience of our regular customers, we are now offering A Quarterly Subscription Option (for U.S. customers only at the moment). You will only be charged each Quarter for the coming Kit and can cancel at any time.
  • We still have the option to Preorder each individual kit as well.
  • Each Kit will be available for limited Preorder for One Month Only, in the months of January, April, July, and October. Members with subscriptions will be charged for their kits during these months on the same day as original purchase.
  • We will use the following month to allow for yarn-dyeing and preparing all the kit club goodies.
  • Kits will be Shipped in March, June, September, and December. 
  • Once kits have arrived, look forward to sharing your projects on our Ravelry and Facebook groups.

Our Summer 2017 Kit Club Will Include:

pen avatar


The Second Half of Unraveling: the Boatman’s Daughter by author C. Jane Reid. Carolina and Bradley have become closer in the weeks after Carolina’s arrival in Metamora, Indiana. Carolina and Nan have also formed a tenuous friendship over their shared interests in crochet. But unforeseen events drive a wedge between the three that Carolina fears she’ll never remove. And a storm is brewing .  .  Remember to add on Part One of the Story if you missed our Spring Kit, so you get to read the entire story.

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As Nan’s skill in crochet grows, so does her creativity. Captivated by some of Carolina’s traditional designs, using yarn repurposed from one of her Pa’s old knit sweaters, Nan creates her own version as something to be worn rather than something intended to adorn the home. In a modernized interpretation, Laurinda has recaptured Nan’s creation in a new crochet design to delight you.

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This kit features Cormo Fingering Weight Yarn from Sincere Sheep in California’s Napa Valley. Sincere Sheep specializes in dyeing with natural dyes. In fact, both colorways for this kit are dyed with Indigo using different processes to get very different tones. This 2-ply 100% Cormo wool yarn is sourced from 9 Mile Ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming, and spun in Buffalo, Wyoming. Like our last kit, the yarn is an entirely US made product, a perfect tie in with C. Jane’s stories of the early US included in the kits. Each kit will  include and extra large 700-yard skein of yarn in your choice of “St. Barts” (pale blue – cool) or “Urchin” (purple/burgandy – warm).  Note, colors vary more with natural dyes so final colors may differ. 

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Monica of Craftwich Creations returns to our kit with her newest handmade gift, which will be a useful complement to Laurinda’s crochet design.  As always, you will find references to the design and gift seamlessly tied in with the story.

Still not sure Ficstitches Yarns Kit Club is for you?

Check out exactly what was included in our previous Kit Clubs:

2015: Summer,  Fall, and Winter / 2016:  Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

You can find the Stories from all three 2015 kits now in the novel, The Secret Stitch.

The second book in the Unraveling Series is now available as The Sojourn Stitch.

The Patterns from the first 3 kits, plus 6 more accessory designs inspired by the novel can also be found in The Secret Stitch A Crochet Companion.

Read the Rave Reviews from Our Customers:

“What’s not to love? I get so excited when I get my kit, like a little kid getting a present. Lol. The stories are well written and as an avid reader I can’t put it down until I either fall asleep or finish the book. The patterns are well written and wonderful items to make some you want to make it over and over again. The yarn is wonderful and the surprise extra is always great.” — Christine S.

“I have gotten every kit! The yarn is always amazing, I have learned new stitch techniques, and the stories are great. It feels like my birthday when they arrive!”  — Kandle Y.

“I’m hooked (no pun intended) after the last kit. Everything is awesome. And the tea….❣” — Sara S.

“I must share with you and the others that I’ve bought many kits before but this is BY FAR the best, most comprehensive of them all!!!” — Roberta Abrams

“I love everything about this kit! The shawl is gorgeous, the yarn is divine. The spiral shawl pin is sooo beautifully worked! I just wish I had found you guys while the luxury kit was still available. Can’t wait to see the crochet hooks that were designed. I have too many WIP at the moment, but I’ll definitely be hooking this shawl soon!” — Tara Doherty

“My kit just arrived! WOW, how cool is this kit…I love the idea of a story behind the piece we will be making together. I read through the directions, and really like the graph that is included to help with understanding the pattern. Thank you ladies for creating this unique wonderful kit. I am excited to start the shawl, and see others around the world crochet along together!” — Brenda Cimakasky

“Received my first kit and finished the first excerpt of the book. So excited to start shawl today! I have made a couple of shawls as gifts, but am very excited at the delicate beauty of this shawl. Can’t wait to read the next part of the story. I love the history and tradition of old patterns and stitch techniques. Thank you to the ficstitches yarn team for putting this club together and I will be here eagerly awaiting my next kit! Thanks again!” — Barbara Worner

“Just received my kit,and I’m more than thrilled. The yarn and pattern are beautiful and I cant wait to read the book and see how the handmade metal spiral fits in. Thank you so much! I will be ordering again.” — Jennifer Cline

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  1. I found out about Ficstitches through Moogly’s site.
    I love the concept of reading for pleasure and crocheting for pleasure being combined.
    I’m very interested in the next available Deluxe kit.

    Your new fan!

    • Thanks Tatia! If you have signed up for our mailing list, you will be among the first to find out when the next Kit is available in July!

    • Sure! International shipping should cover it. Just one more day to sign up for the first kit!

  2. I just emailed you to be put on the mailing list since I, sadly, can’t afford to sign up for the kit right now

    • You can actually sign up on our Mailing List at the top of the right-hand column! Just enter your email address and name, and you will be among the first to find out when the next kits are available. Thanks! Laurinda

  3. I just want to say how fabulous Laurinda was in contacting me with the problem I encountered and helping to resolve it! The problem was evidently with my bank card and not the website, so I know how to fix for future shipments. Super excited to receive my first kit next month!! Thank you so very much!

  4. Hello my dear Ficstitches team,
    I just placed my order for the next kit. I did want to order the book from the last kit that I missed, but the usual place for notes on paypal didn’t show in the window, so could you tell me how I can order it, after the fact? I love the kits, the yarns, the colors, the patterns, and the stories. I’ve been cutting back on my crocheting purchases because arthritis has taken a bite out of my crocheting, but I decided I have to keep trying. Your kits are so enjoyable! I love the whole presentation.
    Thanks again,
    Barb Worner

    • Hello Barb, Welcome back! I did notice that you had not added on Part One. But no worries. We plan to email anyone who didn’t get part 1 in the last kit and didn’t add it. We will send you a link to add on Part One soon!

  5. I have been loving the Ficstitches Yarns Kits and if you love crochet patterns, hand dyed yarn, stories that incorporate yarny stuff, and delightful accessories then you will too! Orders are almost done for the Summer 2016 kit but before we re out of time, I get to give one away!

  6. And then every kit also has beautiful hand dyed yarn from an indie dyer! The dyer changes from kit to kit, but you always get your pick of two featured colors. The Summer 2016 kit features your choice of Lush or Midnight Emerald!

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